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Aligned with sustainability principles, we view our business as part of the larger society and prioritize community welfare to create a positive social impact. 

Our award-winning 5Es Social Development Program (SDP) is the foundation for all our socially inclusive initiatives. Covering Employment, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Economic Empowerment, and Emergency Preparedness and Resilience, it is structured based on our approach to enabling communities to operate in a self-sustained manner. 

We work with community-based organizations to actively engage our local stakeholders in creating meaningful opportunities to improve life conditions in our host communities.


At the heart of our endeavors lie our people. We believe that the growth and well-being of our employees are key to our success.

We are committed to employee safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are dedicated to fostering a work culture of innovation, adaptability, and continuous skill development for our employees.

SMPC remains to be the single biggest employer in Semirara Island, Caluya, Antique. Through local hiring, we provide high-value jobs to more than 4,600 direct hires and over 1,100 indirect employees, with our payroll reaching Php 3.1 billion for 2023 alone.

Performance and Rewards

SMPC’s core values of teamwork, excellence, integrity and professionalism are embedded in a performance management framework that drives and rewards employees who perform to the highest ethical and quality standards.

Employee Development Program

We constantly strive to provide employees with an environment that enables them to enhance their skills while also growing in their roles. 

In addition to improving employees’ performance in their respective roles, we offer a unique combination of training programs that drive individual career growth, help unleash their potential, and support adaptation to business needs and market conditions.

Occupational Health and Wellness

At SMPC, we prioritize the health and well-being of our employees, recognizing that a healthy workforce contributes to increased productivity and fosters happier families. 

Both our coal and power segments adhere to the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System. This helps us improve our OHS performance on a continuing basis, and ensure safety for employees and business partners.

Employee Engagement

We believe in fostering a workplace culture where everyone feels they belong. Good communication across the organization is cultivated by regularly communicating company milestones, organizational announcements, and relevant industry updates through internal platforms and town hall sessions.

Additionally, we conduct employee engagement activities to mitigate job strain and foster collaboration. Employees are also encouraged to regularly participate in tree-planting, coastal clean-ups, medical missions, feeding programs and other activities benefiting various communities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We advocate diversity, equity, and inclusion, forging a safe workspace that gives equal opportunity regardless of gender or age. While our industry is dominated by men, SMPC makes conscious efforts to equally support the advancement of women as leaders in the company, and ensures that contributions of employees across all levels are recognized.

Since 2021, SMPC has been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), an index that tracks companies’ commitment to upholding gender equality through policy development, representation, and transparency in gender-data reporting.

SMPC is a also a signatory of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (UNWEP), a set of principles offering guidance to businesses on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace.

Forging the Future

Investing in education serves as a cornerstone for securing the future of our communities.


Semirara Mining and Power Corporation believes that education will help forge a better future for our host communities. The company invests in providing quality education and skills training to equip residents with the knowledge and abilities that will allow them access to jobs and favorable employment.

Through our partnerships with the Divine Word School of Semirara Island, Inc. (DWSSII) and the Semirara Training Center, Inc. (STCI), we support education in Semirara Island through scholarships, financial aid, and training for school staff. 

Our subsidiaries, SCPC and SLPGC, also award academic scholarships to exceptional students from Calaca, Balayan, Quezon, and Occidental Mindoro pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Engineering or Chemistry.

Furthermore, we construct classrooms, provide learning tools and equipment, and contribute to improving school facilities in the communities where we operate. 

Semirara Training Center, Inc. (STCI)

Divine Word School of Semirara Island Inc. (DWSSII)

Island-wide education support

Environmental Stewardship

We pursue a science-based approach to managing environmental impacts that is relevant, just, and valuable. We adopt practices that focus on restoring and regenerating natural environments impacted by our business operations. Through our mine rehabilitation, restoration, offsets, and biodiversity programs, we aim to protect the planet’s future and the ecosystem of our host communities.

Climate Change Policy

Carbon Offsets

Semirara Marine Hatchery and Laboratory

Ecological Solid Waste Management

Panian Mine Rehabilitation

Unong Mine Rehabilitation

Semirara Biodiversity Conservation Center (SBCC)

Water Management

Economic Empowerment

We believe in the ability of our Company and our respective host communities to lift each other up and find true success through mutual progress. 

We continue to provide lasting growth by ensuring inclusive and collaborative policies are observed in our operations, and by creating opportunities for each of our stakeholders.

Powering Sustainable Communities
We create inclusive growth by providing support programs and initiatives aimed at improving quality of life, ultimately leading to independent and self-sufficient communities.

Elevating the quality of life
We maintain a good balance of operational excellence with our social and economic goals. This has led to some truly remarkable growth in our host communities as we have nurtured their economic welfare through initiatives that improve their quality of life.

Livelihood and Local Entrepreneurship

Transportation and communication

Emergency Preparedness and Resilience

The safety and security of our people continue to be of paramount importance. We ensure that our safety culture extends to our host communities in Semirara Island and Calaca, as well as nearby areas.

Semirara Island Emergency Action Group

SMPC spearheaded the creation of the Semirara Island Emergency Action Group (SIEAG), which is composed of the barangay officials of Tinogboc, Alegria, Semirara, the local government of Caluya, the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG). The parties involved signed a memorandum of agreement for boosting emergency preparedness on Semirara Island. 

Annually, SIEAG conducts a series of workshops intended to arm barangay leaders with disaster management skills, including the improvement of  coordination and communication among themselves during emergencies. This public-private partnership extends other training workshops to volunteer responders from all barangays, SMPC housing, and various other community groups. The workshops are managed by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.

Disaster Preparedness, Management, and Emergency Response

The company also sponsors seminars on Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Management, and Emergency Response for the community. Held at the SCPC premises, representatives from the barangays of Baclaran and San Rafael, and the municipality of Calaca receive training on prediction and possible prevention of certain disasters, preparation, impact mitigation on the communities, and handling the aftermath.

SMPC Infirmary

SMPC Infirmary is the only Department of Health (DOH)-licensed infirmary health facility in Semirara island. This 15-bed facility caters to the medical needs of our employees, their dependents, and the residents in the our host communities. It provides access to free medical services and hosts annual health programs. 

We also extend access to healthcare by conducting medical missions in our host communities in partnership with local government units and private institutions.

Our ESG Journey


100 shipping containers repurposed into employee housing units in Semirara Island
Inclusion in the Bloomberg GenderEquality Index (GEI) for the third straight year


100% completion of North Panian Mine backfilling ahead of committed plan
Reseeding of 500 endangered clams in Semirara Island
Donation of Sherpa cargo plane to the Armed Forces of the Philippines
Historic high remittance of government royalties of PHP 15.7B


SMPC’s first time inclusion in the Bloomberg GenderEquality Index (GEI)
Rollout of COVID-19 vaccine and booster programs
Establishment of agro and poultry model farms for food security


Maiden publication of SMPC’s first integrated Annual and Sustainability Report
Implementation of COVID-19 response program for community and employees


Third-party assurance review of SMPC’s sustainability performance based on GRI Standards


Establishment of the Semirara Biodiversity Center for Conservation
Conformance of Power segment to ISO 140641:2006 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
Commissioning of desalination plant for water security
Implementation of the Succession Management Planning Program
Institutionalization of the Management Development Program
Completion of the Accelerated Rehabilitation of South Panian Mine


Supply of over 5M kwh power demand in Semirara Island


Building of 203 classrooms in Semirara Island and Calaca


Installation of solar LED streetlights in Brgy. Baclaran, Calaca


Beginning of SMHL coral transplantation initiative
Mangrove planting on 196.4 ha. at Semirara Island


Completion of SMPC Food Court in Semirara Island


Planting of 1.2M trees in Semirara Island


Spawning and reseeding of giant clams


Establishment of the Semirara Marine Hatchery Laboratory (SMHL) for marine biodiversity
Purchase of bioreactor for producing organic fertilizer from solid waste
Completion of a public market building in Barangay Semirara


Training of 90 barangay health workers with UPPGH
Professional development for science and math teachers with UP NISMED
Completion of SMPC Commissary in Semirara Island


Certification of Coal segment to ISO standards 9001:2000, 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007
Completion of Unong Mine reforestation
Organization of Villaresis Fishermen’s Associations 1 and 2 and Bagong Barrio Association people groups
Sponsorship of local teachers’ training under SEAMEOINNOTECH’s APEX program


Production of humic acid for soil condition of reforestation products
Launch of reforestation program for 1M trees and 250 ha. of mangroves by 2012
Partnership with Semirara Training Center, Inc. (STCI), a TESDA-accredited vocational institution
Construction of 25-tonner ice plant for local fishermen
Brick production from clay overburden for construction


Construction of 12-classroom building for Semirara National High School


Opening of DWSSII High School


Establishment of the Divine Word School of Semirara Island, Inc. (DWSSII)
Upgrading of all-weather roads of Brgys. Semirara and Alegria


Commencement of the “O Ilaw” electrification project in Semirara Island through provincial electric cooperative at subsidized rate


Reforestation and inland rehabilitation of old Unong Mine
Foundation of Semirara Fishing Association (SEMFA)

Notable Sustainability Awards

SMPC mine rehab wins ASEAN award

Integrated energy company Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SMPC) received top honors at the 2021 ASEAN Energy Awards as the winner in the Special Submission category for its accelerated rehabilitation of its South Panian pit in Semirara Island, Antique.

Semirara Giant Clam Hatchery wins in ASEAN Energy Awards

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SMPC) clinched the first runner-up award in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category of the 2015 ASEAN Energy Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company won for its reef rehabilitation efforts in Semirara Island.

SMPC's 5Es Program Selected as 2015 Platts Global Energy Awards Finalist

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SMPC) has been named a finalist in the Platts Global Energy Awards, an annual program recognizing exemplary industry leadership and innovation. 

Committed to a Sustainable Future

We support and contribute to all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the responsible conduct of our business and operations.